This guide is designed to assist when supplying digital artwork and is intended to alleviate any problems that can arise.

Our workflow in primarily based around the Adobe Acrobat pdf format and we encourage the our clients to supply pdfs (ppd printer files and printer styles are available for downloading), but if pdf files cannot be supplied Truprint can also handle files from both Apple Macs and PCs with the following software: Quark Xpress 5, Adobe InDesign 2, Photoshop 7, Illustrator 9. We can also handle Microsoft Word files but prefer that this file format is used mainly for supplying text, either as .doc or .txt files.

Whereas most problems can be solved by our experienced prepress department, it is desirable for all parties concerned that they do not arise. Many problems are easily avoided and are commonly due to slight over-sights when supplying the files. The following lists the usual suspects:

Fonts the commonest problems with client files are those involving fonts. If we do not have your font on our system, your artwork will not reproduce how it was intended. Flight-checking normally catches any problems, but font substitution and text flow errors can sneak through, causing delays which can put pressure on deadlines. Please supply a copy of all the fonts used in your publication. With Illustrator, Acrobat pdfs and Word files, please ensure the fonts are correctly embed in the document.

Photos and Logos Ensure that all picture files are collected/packaged/embedded and a copy sent with the document. Once pictures have been collected please do not rename the folder they are in. Pictures should ideally be in either .eps, .tif, .jpg, .ai or .psd file formats, either in CMYK or RGB, or with a Pantone PMS colour in the case of spot colours. Please avoid using LAB colours, but should you need to, please inform of their usage. An increasing problem we have noticed in recent years is an increase in the the number of files we receive that are low resolution and with this in mind we have also created a Photo guide.

Bleed If any of your graphics run off the edges of the page, please ensure that you provide at least 3mm of bleed, more if your document has a large number of pages and is being saddle stitched.

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